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Woo Shopping Carts

How do you integrate arpReach with Woo Shopping Carts, such that when a person buys a product on Woo, it sends a message that results in the prospect being deleted from a prospect sequence and moved into a customer sequence?


Steve Drozdeck

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I totally need this. 

I just created a ticket based on a similar/same function. 

I want to move customers from AR to AR based on conversion based Actions.

AR1 = sales funnel. 

Convert on sales funnel = move to AR2

I think this is what "remote call" is all about, but I can't find any documentation on what remote call actually is or how to set it up. 

From here: 

Contacts > Actions > Event > Remote call

Furthermore, I work with various affiliate networks that operate on Cake, Hitpath, HasOffers, Directtrack or postaffiliatepro. How do we integrate their postback pixels or whatever we need in order to accomplish this same thing? 

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