Segments are a powerful way of filtering your contacts list. A segment definition is simply a list of criteria that determine whether or not a contact will be a member of that segment.


Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Contacts / Segments / Create new.
  2. Give your segment a name and then click 'Save Segment'.
  3. On the Segments list page, choose 'Set criteria' from the 'Choose action...' drop-down menu (for the segment you created).
  4. On the Segment Criteria page, choose 'Add a criterion' from the 'I want to...' drop-down menu.
  5. Select the appropriate 'Match Type' and complete all other conditions as necessary. (Note: Checking the 'All contacts must match' option excludes contacts who do not match the criterion even if they match the other criteria in the segment.)
  6. Click the 'Add Criterion' button (and you may then proceed adding another criterion).
There are two ways to filter your Contacts list page to show only those that fall under a specific segment that you created:

  1. When on the Contacts list page, choose 'In segment' from the 'Filter' drop-down menu. Then choose the name of the segment from the '[Please choose]' drop-down menu that will appear beside it.
  2. When on the Segments list page, choose 'Apply' from the 'Choose action...' drop-down menu.