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Is it now possible in any way to get blog post content into arpReach?

Hey, anybody can help me with this?

I want my new blog posts automatically added to arpReach, maybe as a broadcast or better, as an autoresponder.
Did anyone yet has an idea about how to do this?

Thanks in advance


I use nextscripts for automatic posting to social profiles from a wordpress page/post, but I don't think there's an ability to post to email. Maybe check with them and see if there's a way. 

What about all the tracking and such that you'd need out of arpR, though? 

Wouldn't you be better off just copying the blog post over, editing the necessary variables and sending an email from within arpR?

Thanks for getting back.

Yes, it is just one person asked me if this is possible in any way.

You know: do less, get more. All without any work.

In my opinion it is okay to just copy the text and make it a new email. But for some others it may be difficult  to first write the blog post, then doing the excerpt and copying this into email body.

Some like to automate all things possible.

Best Chris

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