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Future and Past Dates With {DATE} tag

ARP3 had the ability to calculate a future date.  I forget exactly how it was used, but it was something like {LONGDATE +3} to display a date three days into the future from the date the email was sent, or {LONGDATE -2} to display a date two days prior to the date an email was sent.

This feature was great for injecting scarcity or time limits on offers and pitches.  It is also great for showing future dates in repetitive content, such as recurring notices of regularly scheduled meetings.

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This feature has been reintroduced for the upcoming version 2 release.

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Halley and the Lujah's!


This was a very useful item.  I was surprised when Neal overlooked it as he built ARPR.  Handy for "Your offer expires on ..." and "Reply by ..." stuff.

If no one else has said it yet, Thank You!

BTW. When do you expect the next version to be announced or rolled out?  Any thoughts on that as yet?

We have no date as yet but hope to have V2 with the new licensing available by the end of the year.

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Close enough!

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