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X-PRIORITY header. How to remove?

 Hi, I sent a test email to check the SMTP and found that arp added a x_priority header to it

not sure if this was just for the test mail or it does this always, but didnt find any setup to remove it myself

any idea?

btw, for those who doesnt know, is a great tool to send test mails and check how it works, it gives you plenty of information about  yr system

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arpReach did not add an x_priority header to your email, unless you (or someone with admin capabilities) added it.  It is more likely that your host or ESP added this.  You would need to contact your host or ESP to check / resolve this.

arpReach allows you to add custom headers if you wish.  To do this go to:

Setup > Email headers > create new.

Any headers that you create you can also delete or modify.