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Google Analytics Integration

 Just got an email from Jack Born of AWProTools and thought this feature was awesome.

"In a few simple changes and a matter of minutes, AW Pro Tools will start pulling data right out of Google Analytics and adding it to the record of every person that signs up through your optin forms.

What this means is that every new subscriber you get will be "tagged" in AWeber with information such as the keyword they used to find your site or what URL they were on just before they reached your optin form.

And if you use Google Analytics to create custom tracking links for tracking your marketing efforts then you'll get even more information stored in your subscriber's AWeber record.

There's lots of ways you could use this information but one simple idea is to use it to occasionally download your list and open it up into a spreadsheet. Then you can start to see patterns of which keywords, referring urls, and campaigns are building your list the most. "

It would be cool if we could integrate analytics, Google, Clicky.

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Totally agree with this. 

I'd love to know which campaign generated the most opt-ins, and I'd also love to be able to create a list of people in a list that got there from facebook or google or bing, etc. 

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