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Feedback loop processing (FBL)

I've heard rumor that this will be supported in an upcoming release.

I'm so excited!!!

We currently process the FBLs manually and keep statistics about what emails are generating the spam complaints.

After you handle the basic "infrastructure" issues such as DKIM, SPF, FCrDNS, Domain Keys, etc. and monitoring and staying off black lists, FBL's are the MOST critical thing to keep your deliverability up.

In addition to the basic removal of the complainers from the list, I would like to see statistics.

The most important are:

#1. Which email generated the complaint. Was it a broadcast or an AR?

=> This is important so you know immediately if some subject lines are causing problems. Sometimes you think you have a "winning" subject line.. but in fact it is crippling your business because people are opening the email and then too many are clicking "SPAM" and then your deliverability goes to ZERO with that ISP.

#2. What AR was the customer subscribed to?

==> This is important because it can help you find if you are being too aggressive about looping or flowing people into new ARs, or help you decide when you might need to do double opt in vs. single opt in

#3. What email service. Was the spam complaint generated by a user with a hotmail, yahoo, comcast, live, etc. account?

====> This is important so that you can look for issues at any particular ISP.

#4. When did the user sign up?

====> This is important so you can see if any trends are developing. Are you doing something to upset long time subscribers... or is primarily newer ones who are complaining?

We'd also like a log so that we can verify that the complainers are being removed correctly. I think this is especially important in the first rev of the new FBL processing feature.

Of course there is a lot more important data that can be useful, but these are pieces of data that we've found to be particularly helpful.

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Any update on the FBL processing feature?


Checking in on the FBL processing feature again. Any progress?


This is definitely a *must* for anyone serious about long term viability of email for their business.

The MTA is that part of your Linux server that actually sends the mail. arpReach hands off the messages to the MTA and that's what actually sends it. Most Linux servers ship with Sendmail for free, but your sysadmin can install others.

If you don't know what MTA your server is using... it's probably sendmail.

Here are a couple of helpful links for more info:




After waiting 11 months, I'd like to officially withdraw my request for this feature. Also, after extensive research into the topic, I've actually come to the conclusion that FBL processing actually belongs in the MTA, not in arpReach. In a classic good/better/best scenario I've been progressively upgrading my MTA over the last year or so. We started with sendmail, then upgraded to postfix, and most recently have switched to GreenArrowMTA.

The marvelous thing about GreenArrowMTA is that it seamlessly integrates with arpReach for sending mail like sendmail and postfix, but it has tons of extra features, including FBL and bounce processing... right in the MTA where it belongs. And... it makes it really easy to send on multiple IP addresses. I'm currently sending on 5 IP addresses and am delighted with how easy it is to segment my mail by IP address.
Thanks for the simple definition of the what the MTA is. I actually found that Wikipedia entry but it was difficult for me as a laymen to understand.

Right now I'm still using Aweber but wishing I could use a better autoresponder system that I have control over as well. Now that we have a solution for the feedback loop processing I'm more likely to want to actually use my ArpReach. I used ARP3 years ago but had to stop when my deliverability started tanking.

Is the GreenArrowMTA something like a replacement for using Amazon SES or Sendgrid? Or does it just partially handle the deliverability issues?

Thanks so much for taking the time to post all of this info and answer questions.



Any update on this one?


Hi Roger - GreenArrow is an "enterprise" MTA. It replaces Sendmail which is the default MTA that typicaly comes built in with your Apache server. One of the primary benefits is that you can use multiple IP addresses which you own. PowerMTA is another one that a lot of businesses use.

SES and Sendgrid are fine, but I prefer to own my own IP addresses and am really liking the built in FBL processing that GreenArrow offers.


Thanks Tim,

Yes I've since talked to GreenArrrow and my list size is too small to be working with them. They are definitely an Enterprise solution.

However, I have seen other services where you can get your own dedicated IP Address. I believe you can also do that with Sendgrid. But not Amazon SES.

Also Mandrill allows you to choose your own IP Address for an extra $30 a month. Mandrill so far seems the most inexpensive service where you can still get your own dedicated IP Address.

Now when I have some spare time I'd like to start mailing with ARP.




Thanks for the update Tim.

I don't even know what an MTA actually is. Though I looked up GreenArrowMTA and might give them a call to see if this might work for my lists.



Tim, Looks you are pretty much ignored. :(


 I haven't heard anything yet...

Haven't heard an update yet... still hopeful.



Just wanted to say that I'd still like to have the feature. No doubt Tim is right about where the operation should reside but my personal view is that I'd still like it in the software.  It's something Interspire seem to have which was one of the reasons I shortlisted them for a project recently. Also HitDirector, who Michel recommended for arpR hosting, seem to offer a service too, so it's reassuring that they will handle it as part of the hosting package. 

I'm interested to learn more about Green Arrow but they don't seem to have any pricing info on their site..?

Many thanks


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