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Default Values

 I have just returned to ARP after 6 years. My last version was ARP3 and I seem to recall having the ability to set default values, such as "Friend" as the default for first name.

I can't seem to find where to set this - what am I missing? :)



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Hello Michael,

Here's the link to the Dynamic Content Tags:

For example, {FIRST_NAME [default value]} is for the first name.

In your messages, substitute [default value] for the default value you want to use:

Dear {FIRST_NAME Friend}...

Just substitute [default value] for something you want to appear should the field be empty.

Hahaha, right!

Wow, it HAS been a while since I used ARP.  Thanks Alison - once I read your response it's like that floodgate opened up :)



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