arpReach will not automatically remove contacts from an autoresponder once a message has bounced. You need to manually remove them.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Create a dummy autoresponder. Set the status of this to sending paused or disabled. 
  2. Filter your contacts based on a bounced follow up message. (In the 'Filter' drop-down menu on the Contacts list screen, there is an option for 'Follow up bounced'. Choose one follow up message from a particular autoresponder.)
  3. Once the filter is in place, click on the 'I want to...' drop-down menu and select 'Edit matching contacts'
  4. On the Edit Matching Contacts screen, select the following under 'Subscription':
    • For autoresponder: original autoresponder (where you are removing them from)
    • Move to this autoresponder: dummy autoresponder (where you are transferring them to)
    • Change all the other fields as necessary and save your changes


Note that the autoresponder where the follow up message comes from should be the autoresponder where you are moving your contacts from.

This will allow you to move these contacts from a live autoresponder to a dummy without deleting them. You can also use these steps to move a group of contacts from a particular subscription to another.