To set up an SMTP server, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your arpReach™ install
  2. Choose Setup > Email Systems > Add an Email System (or Edit)
  3. Under the settings tab:
    1. Choose a name for this email system (so you can reference it later)
    2. Write a description (optional)
    3. Check “use this as the default email system for all new autoresponders and broadcasts” if you want this to be the primary system.
  4. Under Options Tab:
    1. Choose Sending Method: SMTP
    2. Enter the SMTP server settings provided (you will need to get these from your SMTP provider)
    3. Test Settings (If you are unable to connect, please verify your settings and contact your host or SMTP provider)

You can choose to modify the advanced settings or Custom Headers or leave them as is.