How do I get rid of the "Powered by arpReach" link in my emails? is a question we used to get asked a lot.  Along with variants of "is it true we can't remove that Powered by arpReach link from our emails?"

The quick answer is, You can easily turn it off.  You have always been able to do that.  

Here's how.

By default, totally new installations do not have this link turned on.

When upgrading from an earlier version where the link is turned on you can easily turn it off and remove the text.

To remove or change the text

Setup > System Settings > Affiliate Program (Tab)
Your affiliate link > Affiliate link text:
Delete the words "Powered by arpReach"

Then you should turn the link off for all broadcasts and the autoresponders.

To turn off the link for each broadcast

Schedule a Broadcast > Message (Tab) > Layout (Panel)
Uncheck the Affiliate link box.

To turn off for each autoresponder

For each autoresponder > Autoresponder Settings
Layout (Tab) > Uncheck Affiliate link box