arpReach versions affected: 1.4.x ; 1.5.002, 1.5.003

The attached hot fix zip file contains an updated add_contact.php file which resolves an issue where the confirmation email was not sent if stipulated by an autoreponders' settings, where a contact was added to the database and subscribed to an autoresponder in the same call.

It was originally envisioned that the add_contact API function would be used only to add a contact to the system and a second call using the add_to_list API function would be used to subscribe the contact to one or more autoresponders which would give greater flexibility.  The add_to_list API function was not affected by this issue.

To use:

Download the zip file and unpack on your hard drive.

Upload the files to the root of your installation.

This will overwrite the file add_contact.php in the /application/controllers/api folder

This hot fix file will be included in the next update release.