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How do I edit Tags for existing contacts in arpReach?

I was really excited when I saw arpReach had Tags which I could use to filter messages. But my exuberance has since dwindled because I can't seem to use them. I can add tags to contacts on a list upload, but after that I have not found a way to mass edit/adjust contact tags.

Example: I want to be able to send an email to everyone who purchased from us in the last year. So I create a "Recent Purchaser" tag and apply it to everyone when I upload my initial list. But then a year passes and I want to remove that tag from everyone in the past year and add it to all my current contacts who recently purchased. How could I accomplish this?

Any insights would be most welcome.



Hi Luke,

I think you should re-think how you're going about it.  You would probably want to use a List Segment to do that and segment your list by those who have purchased after a certain date.  You can them email to that segment.

I don't think that a 'recent purchase' tag is a good idea, because it is really based on the date of something happening, and that's never something you're going to be able to maintain continuously because, as you can see, the date range changes every day, when a new date rolls over.

The 'tags' should be used for conditions that once they are set, cannot change based on a date.


Thanks, Brett. That's a good point and I'm rethinking how best to handle this kind of segmenting.

Thankfully, one of my coding guys was able to build me a tool that allows me to upload a CSV and tweak the tags associated with that particular list.

Much appreciated!


hy Luka, have you this tool for me?

Sorry, Raphael, this is proprietary code we created in-house. I thought I saw something from arpReach about an update that provided this, but I was unable to find it glancing at the site.

I hope you're able to find a solution soon!


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