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SES Send Limits

Hi Everyone,

I finally got my SES setup working with my Arpreach!

What would be the best way to setup the send limit in ArpReach
in order to comply with Amazon Rules:

Sending Quota: send 10000 emails per 24 hour period

Max Send Rate: 5 emails/second

What should I put for:

Batch size?

Send limit per run?

Delay between each email In milliseconds?

Should I modify the cron? it's actually set as */5 * * * *

Thanks you your recommendations and have a good one.


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admins, plz answer this question

Divide 10000 by 24 then by 12, that will give you the send limit per run. This will give you 34.

Set your Send Limit Per Run at 34.

This means that every 5 minutes, your arpReach will send out 34 emails.

Don't modify anything else especially the cron task. 

NOTE: This limit is incompliance with SES Policy.

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