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remove people from ONE autoresponder only

It is really weird that if someone is subscribed to your list and it is inside an autoresponder, it can be removed from one autoresponder only.

Infact the same user can be subscribed to different lists, but if you want to remove him from a single list only... you can't.

The only option is to remove him from the ENTIRE database.

This limit a lot what you can do with this system.

I suggest to add an option "unsubscribe from this autoresponder only" when you select an user.

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You could make a custom link, and add an action when clicked to drop from all lists.



You can do it in ARP Reach.

I have a video showing how you do it here:

I hope this solves your problem


Glenn Pearson(Spark Blogger)

Glen, he was talking about doing it all automatically. Through actions. We know you can do it using quickfind like you do in the video.


Okay, after several tries.... THIS WORKS!

Show Your Contacts.
Edit Contacts.
SUBSCRIPTION:  Choose the AR you want to Unsubscribe them From.
Then choose the one to subscribe TO.  DONE!

I have created a generic ALL Names on List AR. I choose that to Move To..... And all else remains the same.

Please let me know if anyone finds anything odd about this. But I'm very happy to use it this way.... so far!


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