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ARP Reach - Won't Send Broadcasts

I've had an ongoing problem updating my ARP version from 1.1 to 1.4 (I'm taking it slow.)

Autoresponders work just fine, but the Broadcasts stall in the queue. I've setup 2 test broadcasts, and when the time comes for the cron job to kick it into gear.... nothing. They just sit there with an orange status, waiting to send. They never go out.

HOWEVER - the regular Autoresponders work fine. 

Can you think of a reason this would happen?

I've checked the settings and yes, the scheduler is turned on. I've even tried scheduling the broadcasts 3 different ways: Next run, specific date, and using the day of the week.


Everything else works fine.

Thanks for your help!


I just noticed that only the first email in a sequence goes out. 

The subsequent emails I setup in a test sequence (1 hour apart) never go out after the first one.


I am having the same problem. Using version 1.5.003.

Frustrating, especially when I have a critical campaign that must be launched ASAP.

@Carlos, any response or help from anyone? Are you still stuck?

I hope there's a solution?

Also, seems the Content Tags don't work in Test mode. 

Created a new broadcast with only myself as the recipient, just to test.

But, the broadcast is stuck.  Grrrr....

Mine seemed to be an issue with activation. Once it was done correctly, it resolved. 

You might want to make sure your license is activated. 

Then, double check your cron job. 

Then, look at the queue to see that all the mail is flushing out of the server.

Best of luck...

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