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Duplicate Subscribers - PLEASE KEEP this feature


I am an old customers who has been running my business with this software.

I use arp Reach in a unique way.
I allow someone to purchase t2 or more times for different recipients of my healing  service.
Each recipient triggers a welcome email and later a thank you email after their service has been completed. Counting is important.

Ex: Mom buys 1 for herself and Mom buys 1 for her daughter a few days later.

Emails will tell mom when she begins a session and when her session is over.

Emails will also tell mom when her daughter's sessions has begun and ended.

Mom's email will be listed twice..or as many she purchases.

When a session is over, the email instructs the subscriber to unsubscribe.
When a session is completed, the person will no longer be active.

I use the software to deliver each of these in a certain time frame.

I am new to reach. I had the Plus version and it allowed such control.

*I ask you PLEASE keep this feature forever... after I find it in Reach :) *

I also ask you to bring back the feature which counts as far as timing of emails and allows an email to include the end date in the email. I can't remember it's official name.

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