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Improve "Actions"

In addition to the current events, please do the following:

1. add a "NOT" modifier

In front of every event you should have the negative option. Example:

If user NOT opened broadcast email -> send follow up.

If user NOT clicked link ...

2. add event "user replied to email"

3. Allow multiple actions

Example: If user clicked link -> send follow up + add tag + add subscription

This would be the most important.

Please also take a look at your (indirect) competitor:

I think there are some nice automatic action features you could adopt. Doing this would give you a huge advantage since no other self-hosted autoresponder software has this (it's so important to me that I just googled literally 2 hours, and I'm sure as hell not the only one).


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Thanks for the request.

Re 1.  We will add this to our improvements list but we can not say when it will be implemented.

Re 2.  The flexibility of arpReach means that the 'Reply to' address can be any address, as such it is not possible to monitor that action within arpReach

Re 3:  arpReach already allows this.  You can add multiple actions to a tracked link.


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