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List Unsubscribe ID -- Needed for aMember Integration

 I'm setting up an installation of aMember, and in the integration settings for arpReach, it's asking for both a subscribe form ID and an unsubscribe ID.

The help text says that the unsubscribe ID can be found on an unsubscribe form, but I'm not finding any unsubscribe form.

I'm guessing this means the integration module in aMember may be out of date.

Am I missing something?

What's the best way to proceed here?

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

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For anyone else looking for this, the answer is to create a separate "subscription" form, and set the "form type" to be a pure "unsubscription form".

Didn't make any sense to me at first, but now that I figured it out, it kind of does.

So, to integrate with aMember, you need to create TWO subscription forms, without captcha.  One an actual subscription form, and the other an "unsubscription" form.

Also note that if the autoresponder is set to require confirmation, arpReach will send out the confirmation email when aMember subscribes the user.


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