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Please go back to the previous page styles

 I just installed the update to version 1.5 and I hate it.  I much preferred the styles used in 1.4.

Perhaps there's a way to give up control of the CSS?

Also, I didn't see an options to remove the arpVerify bar across the top of the page.  I have no plans to use it, and this is just wasting more screen space.

Sorry Alan - I STRONGLY disagree with you! Both myself and my team MUCH prefer the new modern style and design that was implemented in 1.5. It's cleaner, easier to navigate and has an all round nicer feel to it. Please DO NOT go back to the old design!!

Ref. ArpVerify. While I am currently a user of this service, I am in agreement with you that there should be an option to switch if off if not using it. I can see how it would be annoying if you had no plans to ever use it. 

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We do not intent to revert to the old style.  The new CSS makes it easier and quicker to access the important functions we use daily. Plus, the new look and feel has already significantly reduced the amount of 'wasted space'

Thanks also for your feedback on the arpVerify bar.  We hope that more and more users will see and understand the benefits of using arpVerify to improve deliverability by excluding invalid email addresses at the point they would normally be added to your database. The bar is there to remind them of what they are missing out on and to encourage them to use the trial option. 


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