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Feature to prevent customers from receiving prospect emails

I have 2 autoresponder series for a product: 1) Prospect list 2) Customer list

Typically, prospects receive my autoresponder emails and eventually become a customer, at which point they are automatically 'dropped' from the prospect list and added to the customer list via Arpreach.

However, we also have a scenario now whereby a large % of our customers purchase the moment they come  to our website for the first time, thus skipping the 'prospect' autoresponder series. 

The problem is that at some point quite a few of our customers (who are not on the prospect list) are then adding themselves to our prospect list and as a result are receiving our pre-sales emails, promos, special offers etc. Not good.

So, I need a feature to STOP a Prospect autoresponder series going to a customer who is already on the customer list but then signs up to the prospect list AFTER they have already purchased.

I guess it's kind of like a reverse 'drop subscription'.

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An idea for implementing this.

On the list settings page, there could be a section added that allows users to select which additional lists they want to show up on the manage subscription page for the list that is being added/edited.

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