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Multi-Threading features

Month after month the multi-threading features are being promoted
as an incentive to upgrade to a Gold license on the arpReach Facebook page.

You started promoting multi-threading a year ago.

However arpReach never released an update since then.

I wonder when you will give gold license owners their long paid but
undelivered update.

Support refuses to answer this question.

I am a big fan of the arpReach script.

Just a little surprised by the ethics of it’s marketing.

You set the expectations month after month after month.

I’d rather deliver than deleting questions about your countless annoncements.

It would be nice, if you would answer this post instead of just deleting it, as you

did on Facebook.

Kind regards,

Sounds familiar ;-)
But doesn't this allready work? I have a main responder with 7 messages, 5 of them giving way to a sub-responder. They all come back at message 7, no matter how. Is this what you mean?


Hi John,
Multithreading means that arpreach would parallelize sending to services like amazon in order to push more messages out per minute.
This would be important for big lists.
But they just deliver what they have advertised more than a year ago.
The new owners would like to thank everyone for contributing in these forums and we want to let you know we have and do read the threads.

As part of our review process, before we make any changes, we are asking users of arpReach to share with us the things they would like to see improved in future releases. If you have not already taken part in our survey and this is still high on your list of priorities, please do take part. The results we find through the questionnaire will help shape the future development.

You can find the questionnaire here:


Can someone tell me if arpReach (current version) supports:

#1. PHP 7

#2. Multi-theading

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