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Does ArpReach automatically remove duplicate emails?

When importing emails, will ArpReach automatically leave out duplicate emails? Or is there another way to do this?



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In my experience it certainly does not add duplicate contacts. However, that may not mean it ignores them completely. I cannot confirm any of the following, they are just concerns I have about the process that I would also like confirmed.

If, for example, you are importing a list to an autoresponder or to a category, etc - then it may apply those existing contacts to those (if they are not already in that autoresponder) and it may also add new data to the records if new information is present and mapped in the latest import. (e.g. if there was no Name field before, but the new import does have them). Also be careful, as if the existing contacts have a history (emails sent to them, opens, etc) then the new data file may or may not reset that. Also, if they have previously unsubscribed, the new import might undo that.

I hope that makes sense - would be great if anyone else can confirm if any of the above applies, or if the record is simply skipped over altogether.

It would be quite simple to test this with a small sample file - but I haven't had a chance to do that just yet.

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