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Automatic category assignment

 Hi there,

Ex arp3 user and struggling with arpreach.

I'm wanting to create autoresponders for totally unrelated topics, and I need to assign categories automatically to new contacts so that I can distinguish what topic they relate to.

How do I do this?

In the old arp3 I'd just create separate lists - easy. There's probably something obvious I'm missing, but I can't see it at the moment.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Richard,

Without knowing precisely what you want to achieve, there may be various ways to set things up. 

Trying to keep it simple then in arpReach you'd just create different auto-responders. Effectively each auto-responder is a list.

You'd name these different auto-responder applicable for each topic and each would have its own subscription form that would then be embedded in its own web page (or you can have each auto-responder to have a dedicated email address so people can subscribe by email). As each person signs up, they are subscribed to the appropriate auto-responder. They can then receive a sequence of follow-up messages written and assigned to that auto-responder. You can also choose to manually send out a broadcast email to members of this auto-responder (and others) when you choose to do so.

arpReach has some extremely versatile features allowing you to categorise, segment and/or tag your subscribers based on many different things, such as how they signed up, their demographic 'footprint', what behaviours or actions they subsequently take etc.

Because of this potential then you may also want to mark those contacts as having joined up because of this topic, and assign a tracking tag against each subscription form. This lets you create segments that are dynamic, allowing you to send out broadcast emails to all subscribers with a particular combination of tags or tracking tags. You can set up categories for particular groups of contacts too, and then send out a broadcast to certain categories - but think categories as being static (you've manually created these lists after filtering), while segments are dynamic (as new people subscribe or perform actions/behaviours that tag them and qualify them for the segment, they then appear automatically in it).

If you want to have one opt-in form (i.e. on one web page) that has topics of interest presented to the subscriber as a drop down choice, or range of check-boxes to choose, then you can later create segments based on custom field matching of what they selected. This method may be a better choice if you don't plan to have follow-up messages as such, but just plan to send out broadcast emails based around segments decided by custom fields.

You can also start off with one sign-up form, then segment your subscribers based on actions they perform after receiving an email message i.e. after clicking on a trackable link.

So there are lots of choices you can make. I love arpreach because it allows you to be really flexible in fitting it in with how you want your business processes to run.

With the time that's passed since you asked this comment then you've probably sussed the above out, but one suggestion if you didn't join already is you may want to check out the Facebook group (or just search for arpReach Moguls). There are over 100 members in the group now, so if you post a question like the above then usually someone is on hand that has advice or a solution, or who are just sharing good email marketing tips. 

Jay Poole

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