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New install redirecting to

 So I did a fresh install of arpReach this morning and when clicking to the login area, instead of being able to login, I am being redirected to affiliate_id=322774, which is very weird.  I download the full_install from the members area this morning, so it is fresh.  I uninstalled everything and tried again with a new database, and same thing.

Anybody else see this happening?


Mike Murphy

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I heard back from their help desk and I had not filled in all the config.php details.  Here is their response.  I don't think it's my server redirecting, but once I had filled in all the config.php, everything worked fine.

Were you able to follow the installation instructions accurately?

First and foremost, make sure that you've registered the domain in the arpReach Hub:

You also need to edit all the necessary lines (MySQL database credentials, domain name, application URL, etc.) the config.php file, make sure that the folder permissions are accurate, that a catch-all/bounce email and a cron/scheduled task has been created, and so on.

We strongly suggest you follow the video demo here:

For professional installation services:

We also suggest you ask your web host if there are any server issues and to double check your server configuration and why the path to your arpReach installation is re-directing to

Hope this helps.


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