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How to add a message & not sent to existing contacts


I have an autoresponder set up with a number of contacts already subscribed.

Is there a way for me to add a message to this autoresponder (a new welcome message) that the existing subscribers do not see?


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Barry, if you just want to change the welcome message, I think you can do that and it will work for everyone going forward.

If you want to add a message and have the system think your existing subscribers already have recieved that message (so they don't get it again), we're going to attempt that this week. Our plan is to pause message sending, tweak the message as desired, go into the database and adjust their last message and send date, and then resume sending.

My coding buddy says the SQL update will be something like:

UPDATE arpr_subscriptions SET stamp_last_message = 1234567890, next_message = 2 WHERE autoresponder_id = 10;

Hope that helps!


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