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Follow-Ups by specific date and time or interval sending

I would suggest to integrate a function within the autoresponders to send any mail with a returning interval.

The reason is:

Once u use the follow-up as a reminder, for instance to give a hint to any team partners to provide the weekly results.

So a function to send emails in intervals of a week is awesome and a killer feature.

The next I would suggest to integrate:

Sending autoresponder's follow-ups at a specific date:

Maybe every 24th of december - to send christmas wishes.

Or creating another autoresponder wherein you create an email which is send on subscribers birthday.

With a returning interval u just need to create one single email without copying it again and again.

First and foremost the weekly reminder - if u schedule an email to be send every week all year round u won't have to copy that single email 52 times or often.

Unfortunately sending at a specific date and time is only integrated within broadcasts yet, but there is no repeat function unless u copy the message.

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I'm also missing a recurring email option. I want to send out weekly reminders, but have to copy & paste my email and scedule it multiple times.

Is there a plan to add such a feature?

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