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Open Rate ("Times Opened") Column


The one feature I miss is the ability to see how many times a prospect opens an email – which allows me as a salesman or marketer to gauge the prospect’s interest level.

I will use a Broadcast as a sample(I have attached a diagram), but this should added for autoresponders as well…

Once the Broadcast is sent out and the campaign is completed, you should be able to look at the screen to see the list of broadcasts and see how many people have opened the email. (which you can now do).

Once you click on the “Opened” number, a list of subscribers opens up (which is does now), but here’s what is missing…

Next to the “Subscription” number should be an ADDITIONAL column for “Times Opened”.  This would allow me to see at a glance (and print off) who looks like the most interested prospects.  I can then “check” the most interested one’s off, subscribe them to a new list and target them specifically.

With a list of 100 or more people who opened the email, it is impractical to open each subscriber one-by-one to see what their level of interest may be.  This would be a HUGE improvement and timesaver and I would recommend adding this as soon as possible!.

I really like your autoresponder and in many ways it allows me to do some of the same processes as “infusionsoft” (which costs thousands of dollars. I have previously been using SwiftPage which has this feature and I recommend it highly!

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Do you happen to know how to set up click tracking? It is not a default function. 

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