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Arpreach and Optimize Press


Has anyone had any experience of integrating

Arpreach and OptimizePress?

I would like to use Arpreach rather than any of the paid for ar services on OP's api list, but can't find how to do it.

If anyone can enlighten me, I would be grateful.


Hi Debbie - 

I use OP, too, but I haven't tried any integration. I don't think there is an API for OP (as far as I know). I just use the normal arpR sign-up code and style it as required. 

However, in the old version of OP, there used to be an option for you to use OP's sign-up feature, and you would just paste in your autoresponder code to the OP field, and it would sort it all out for you behind the scenes using OP\s styling.  Maybe the same is still available in OP2? 

Good luck. Let us know how it works out! 



Hi Deborah - I had similar problems with various wordpress themes and plugins and found that wordpress requires you to have an SSL certificate in order to use your Autoresponder. The cost through your hosting company is about $50/ year.
Just to clarify, the code you will enter will start with https://www.... Rather than http://www...
I have integrated it into OP1 successfully. The one thing that you have to do manually is that when it asks for the URL of the code -- oddly, it you need to put the URL of your Thank You page.

I do not use OP2.  And by the way, I do NOT have an SSL certificate and it works fine.


Optimize Press integrates with arpReach

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