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Hosting & consulting suggestions?


I'm recommending arpReach to a consulting client where I'm helping with email marketing campaigns. 

I'm an arpReach user myself and am obviously happy with it but the client's lists are significantly bigger than mine and I don't want to mess up here!  As I'm a marketer rather than a technical person, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions they can offer with regard to hosting?  Specifically, is there anything I need to be aware of to ensure 

  • adequate resource for a list of c50,000 (which I'm intending to grow)
  • no processes stop or pause, as I've heard about from some others on here
  • optimal performance generally
  • nothing else goes wrong outside my area of knowledge & competence?

Also, does anyone know any reliable consultant I could work with, who has adequate technical knowledge to make up for the gaps in my own knowledge?  I will ask Michel to instal but there may be additional hosting requirements or server configurations that would be better suited to this client's requirements that wouldn't fall within the standard installation service. 

Many thanks!

Hi Debra,
I suggest you look into the arpCloud solution. we have developed servers just for what your asking about ... larger volume mailings.

If i understand your comment of "no processes stop or pause, as I've heard about from some others on her" ... you NEVER want to do this. The effects from mailing more than 15-20K at a single process will hurt you over the long haul. A 50K list should stay in the 5-10K range. Blasting for all you can has never been a good idea if you wish to maintain a healthy list.

For more info about arpCloud go to:

Hope this is helpful.

Best Regards,



Many thanks.  This option looks good but is more than I need right now. I will be starting small while we test the quality of our main target list, effectiveness of our approach, and so on, and will scale up depending on our experience. Difficult to cover all the issues in this way. Is there a phone number or email address I can use to explore this further please? 

Many thanks


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