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Manage Link produces "Sorry, there was a problem"

I've created a Broadcast to be sent to a Segment (an Autoresponder + Tags). When testing, some of my testers get a functional Manage Link which looks something like:

Many others, however, end up with an incomplete Manage Link that is missing the final six characters. Their "link" terminates with /a.php/m/a123/

Clicking this link gives the user nothing more than:

Sorry, there was a problem

The link is not valid.

What am I missing? Any suggestions? Your insights are most welcome!



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thank you Luke :-)

Abdel, we ended up creating our own tool for list importing/management. When we uploaded our lists the first time, we discovered we had failed to include the section that generated the user's management "key" code/value.

The solution for us was to look at our import process and see what step we skipped that missed assigning the alpha-numeric value for the link.

Hope that helps!


I get the same error message, but the link in the URL is:

any ideas ?

Also, what is the "custom import/tag management tool" that you are referring to ?


Update: The problem was because our custom import/tag management tool did not add a 'key' value to the arpr_contacts table in the database. I'm not a coding genius like my coworkers, but I believe they found a way to add a six character alpha-numeric string to the field. This limits us to about 2 billion subscribers before we're likely to encounter a "collision," so we should be good.

Hope that helps should anyone else encounter this problem!


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