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Import Email Content

I have a several sets of email messages for a program... It would be SO COOL if I could easily import them into an auto-responder instead of copy and paste each one.  Is this possible and I just don't know how to do it?



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Yes i like this ideea very much. Actually this is a necessity and one of the top priorities in our marketing development.

We are continually developing new autoresponders series and updating the old ones and we have the necessity of sharing the updates with other business partners / collaborator who already have and will have arpReach installed on their domain, so we are in huge desire for an easy way to import and export the autoresponders sequences.

We ask your help in this situation.

In arpReach, you already have the option to import an autoresponder sequence from one autoresponder to another in the SAME domain installation and i believe it will be pretty easy to have an option which actually exports the autoresponder sequence in a file format - so that then we can import it in another domain instalation - this way when we create new marketing autoresponder sequences or update the old ones we can just export the sequence from one place and import it to another team member, otherwise is painly time consuming to do it manually for every partner. 
We are expecting to grow our team and in this case we expect to buy more and more licences from you guys and we would trully appreciate your support in this matter.

Thank you very much!

The new owners would like to thank you for contributing in this forum thread and we want to let you know we have and do read what you say and ask.

As part of our review process, before we make any changes, we are asking users of arpReach to share with us the things they would like to see improved in future releases. If you have not already taken part in our survey and this is still high on your list of priorities, please do take part. The results we find through the questionnaire will help shape the future development.

You can find the questionnaire here:


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