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Wordpress Integration / Woocommerce and ArpReach

I am lost - isn't there a way to use wordpress and assign users that sign up at the sign and automatically add them to an autoresponder?

Using Woocommerce for example would be an ideal mix.

HELP! :-)

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There is, first create a form in your arpReach Autoresponder. Then when you view the form code you'll see a URL similar to this: "http://YourWebsiteAddressGoesHere/a.php/sub/3/01g4pm" paste that in the code below. 

Currently, this code is only sending the first name, last name and email address to arpReach.

Now that you've setup your form in arpReach, open the functions.php file in your themes folder. Then paste the following code. Once someone completes an order, their information is sent to arpReach.

//Completed Sign-ups - WooCommerce to ARP
function wooarp($order_id){
      $order = new WC_Order( $order_id );
      $args = array();
          $args['email_address'] = $order->billing_email;
      $args['first_name'] = $order->billing_first_name;
      $args['last_name'] = $order->billing_last_name;
      $result = wp_remote_post('http://YourWebsiteAddressGoesHere/a.php/sub/3/01g4pm', array('body' => $args));
add_action('woocommerce_thankyou', 'wooarp', 30, 2);


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thanks for your code..

I tried this... and its working..

but, the customer never recieve they invoice mail..

in normal case, customer check out -> fill the form -> and they recieve the invoice detail of order..

in this code apply, customer check out -> fill the form -> they recieve autoresponder confirmation email -> they click confirmation -> email record to autoresponder -> recieve first autoresponder email. 

but the invoice that was ordered, never send..

can you fix it..?

Hi..Its working now... 

the invoice send lately, maybe my server loading problem..