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capture subscriber IP address

How I can capture the IP address of all my subscriber instead of only Name and email address?

These feature available on Aweber / Getresponse

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I believe if you do the "php echo" you would have to save the form as .php and not .html.


You could try using hidden fields.

Step 1) Put this in the top before all the html:

$ipaddress = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];

Step 2) Create a hidden field in approach then add it to your form like this:

<input type="hidden" name="ipaddress" value="<?php echo "$ipaddress"; ?>">

This will not capture browser, just IP. And it may not always be accurate if they are using a proxy or VPN.
That's a good idea!


I see that the IP Address for every subscriber is in table "arp_subscriptions". I would like that displayed as detail for each subscriber so I can exclude spamming IP addresses. Please....  :-)

Thank you. 

 I would like that as well.

The product I used previously could capture:

- Host IP

- Host name

- User agent (i.e. browser)

This was very useful and I would like to have something like that again if possible.

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