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capture subscriber IP address

How I can capture the IP address of all my subscriber instead of only Name and email address?

These feature available on Aweber / Getresponse

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 I would like that as well.

The product I used previously could capture:

- Host IP

- Host name

- User agent (i.e. browser)

This was very useful and I would like to have something like that again if possible.

I see that the IP Address for every subscriber is in table "arp_subscriptions". I would like that displayed as detail for each subscriber so I can exclude spamming IP addresses. Please....  :-)

Thank you. 

That's a good idea!


You could try using hidden fields.

Step 1) Put this in the top before all the html:

$ipaddress = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];

Step 2) Create a hidden field in approach then add it to your form like this:

<input type="hidden" name="ipaddress" value="<?php echo "$ipaddress"; ?>">

This will not capture browser, just IP. And it may not always be accurate if they are using a proxy or VPN.
I believe if you do the "php echo" you would have to save the form as .php and not .html.


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