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Deleting unsubscribers and failed subscribers

 Am I missing something, or does Reach not have the same contact management clean-up functionality as AR Plus?  In AR Plus there was an option for a global deletion of unsubscribers and/or contacts with message failures (due to hard bounces or multiple soft bounces).  I don't see that option in Reach, and don't understand why it's not available.  What way is there now to  do a global deletion of unsubscribers (to all a/r's) or contacts with failed messages?  (They're worthless and just take up space in the database).  

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Perhaps this helps:
You could create a segment
Add criterions
"Follow-Up - Bounced"
"Broadcast - Bounced"

As always - everything you do is on your own risk !

I to was worried about this, but I think the reason that it's not available is to do with the fact that arpReach is a proper relational database where there is a list of Contacts and a list of autoresponders, and so the db just marks whether the subscriber has that autporeponder or not. This is fdifferent from good ol arp3 where you added a new record to the db every time there was a new subscription to an autoresponder. And tehrefore, not being able to clean these out, doesn't make the db any bigger.


Tom is right about how to get rid of the bounced ones (Faileds in arp3), but for the ones who have unsubscribed from one autresponder but not from others (and tehrefore shouldn't be remove from yoru db altogether), I think we just have to live with the untidiness whilst being content that this has no impact on db size.

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