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Allow user to update their email address

 Hello all,

I'm new to arpR. Is there a way to allow users to update their email address? I've looked around and I don't see it. I was thinking that something like this might appear on the "Manage Subscriptions" page or in the Edit Contacts, but I may be missing something. The last solution I used (Interspire) didn't have this feature but I know that it's getting common with most of the hosted solutions. So, I was hoping to find it here.



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This is really important to us. We get FRUSTRATED emails every day from people who WANT to keep getting our newsletter and continue there place in the autoresponder sequence (and not start over) that ask why in the world we do not offer the ability to change their email address. Since you can show all their subscriptions, it seems really, really logical to offer the ability to change their email address as well.

The lack of this is likely costing us MANY subscribers per month, especially since the usual issue of 1 person asks and MANY also have the same issue but walk away in frustration...


Is this not what the 'manage your subscription' option does for subscribers?


Hi Matt,

I was thinking the same thing, but in my installation the "manage your subscription" doesn't allow the user to change their email address. Instead, the user can only change their status for each subscription. Does it work differently for you?


No, we just got our ARP installed today and was not aware that this didn't allow members to change email. The feature to change email addresses is a bit of a no-brainer if you ask me, so I hope it will be available.

On a related subject, the test email I just sent for our first campaign.. with the 'manage subscription' link is going to an error page. Hoping this is just because my email address isn't in the same subscribers list.
Have a good weekend..


Test email links are not tied to a specific email or subscription, so the error is normal.

We've sent millions of emails through arp3 and arpReach. Overall, it has been a great system for us. The lack of ability for people to change their own email address as part of MANAGING their subscriptions is the kind of glaring gap that there must be some technical reason... that really should be a high priority. Anyone managing tens of thousands+ of subscribers faces this issue daily, and it is a waste of time to put me in the middle of changing someones address.


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It sounds like there is definitely interest in this, so I too hope it can find its way into the product. With my other product (Interspire) I had my developers look at ways of adding an update feature. We were able to pull it off, but it wasn't as easy as I had hoped. One of the big challenges was with confirmation. If a user was already confirmed and then changed their email address, should we send another confirmation email? We decided yes. But then we ran the chance of losing that subscriber if they didn't confirm. And, what do we do during the time between when they update their email and confirm. Do we still send to the old address? These were all questions that my developers asked me and that's when I knew it wasn't as easy as I had hoped. Still, there appears to be some really powerful features in arpR, so I know the minds behind all of that can figure it out. It is indeed time consuming to change email addresses for folks and if you tell them to simply unsubscribe and then resubscribe with their new address, that gets really messy.


I would definitely like the option for a client to update their contact details. Could they just sign up again through the wordpress subscription form? Could this be modified to allow them to say they are actually changing address, not registering for the first time?

It is great to see a forum for am autoresponder!


This option is currently no available. According to ARPreach, they are going to include this feature. To what I know, it has been so many months and nothing happen.


Arpreach support is very slow. I've been waiting for this feature since it was launched and nothing so far... So my solution was to create a regular HTML page with a form in it that sends the information typed to my email. I copied the style of the other arp pages, so to the contact, it feels the same. The forms sends then the changes the contact wants to make, including email and I edit it on the admin panel.

I know it can be a lot of work, but even on a huge list, you don't get people wanting to change their details all the time.


Honestly, this feature -- being able for a customer to be able to change their own email address when they manage their subscriptions -- is so BASIC that its lack of being addressed is to me a sign that betting on arpReach long term is not a good strategy. If they cannot deal with this, they are not going to be out their promoting their solution in an effective way, either. We very seldom see arpReach as an integrated solution whereas iContact, Mailchimp, aweber, etc., continue to always be listed. I wish it was different, but I'm not seeing a level of long term technical and marketing solidness with arpReach right now... Sigh.

@ Rick Wilkes

When you made this comment "betting on arpReach long term is not a good strategy." I could relate. I started this thread 10 months ago and was really excited about the product at that time. But, as I saw the lack of participation from arpR here in the message board, the minimal blog posts, and did some other research, etc... my gut told me not to move my list to this solution. I purchased the Gold package and will never put the software into production. It's too bad as I was really excited about the features that I saw at the time and it seemed that arpR was really getting ready to take off. As a small business, my goal has been to avoid recurring charges like in a hosted service. But, as time has gone on, I've come to see the benefit (for me) in having someone else deal with feedback loops, deliverability, etc... I really hope that features like this make it into the product someday and that current users continue to benefit.


Sad to see that we are still waiting on this like so many other features that are long overdue. Very frustrating for long term loyal customers. 

Let's hope this new crew have a new way to make the magic happen. Cheers Phil Tozer...  

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