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aMember (or other membership system) intergration with arpreach?

 Hi all, quick question:

I saw in this thread on the arpreach forums that Tim said there was an existing integration between aMember and arpreach. I've gone looking for evidence of the integration (am considering upgrading my membership site to aMember if I can get the integration with arpreach up and running seamlessly as opposed to manually having to add addresses at the moment), but I can't see any reference to arpreach on their list of integrations:

Is anyone using the combo of arpreach and aMember successfully for hosting membership sites?

Alternatively is anyone using some other membership system seamlessly with arpreach?



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Thanks for the heads up Tim. Nice to know others have it up and running too!


I'm a happy user of DAP ( for my memberships sites.

I've read, with interest, that some have a successful integration with DAP.

Can you please confirm if that's still the case?

Does DAP integrate well with arpReach?


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