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aMember (or other membership system) intergration with arpreach?

 Hi all, quick question:

I saw in this thread on the arpreach forums that Tim said there was an existing integration between aMember and arpreach. I've gone looking for evidence of the integration (am considering upgrading my membership site to aMember if I can get the integration with arpreach up and running seamlessly as opposed to manually having to add addresses at the moment), but I can't see any reference to arpreach on their list of integrations:

Is anyone using the combo of arpreach and aMember successfully for hosting membership sites?

Alternatively is anyone using some other membership system seamlessly with arpreach?



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I am using amember

It has a built in plugin for arp reach

It is fairly easy to set up

I got it working in a few minutes...

I think you can set up a different AR for each product too


Thanks for the heads up, Russell.

I think I'm going to take the plunge and pick up a copy of aMember.




You are welcome Mark

best of luck...


I have integrated with Digital Access Pass.  It's working well so far (at least when Hostgator don't mess things up!) 

Good luck!

Debra, how did you do integration with DAP? Did you write a plugin that feeds to arpReach's API?

Well I didn't write it personally - it was written by Michel who does a lot of work for arpReach.  Not the API method but a plug-in that sends info - I suppose by http post.  If you're interested I can let you know more...?

I've now tested the amember demo and can see that the arpReach integration is well done. I'm still not 100% certain how you would tag customers based on the product they buy (I guess send a custom field with the purchased product, then use that field to tag the new entry), but I think it's definitely a viable solution for me. Russell, I'd love to know your amember to arpReach workflow if you'd be willing to share it.

Debra, I'm interested in your thoughts on Digital Access Pass. I looked into it a little and people seem fairly divided on it. A number of people seem to much prefer it over amember and vice versa. I think I'd rather avoid wordpress if possible (which it seems DAP is capable of). Are you sending just the customer email, name, etc to DAP, or do you have a method for tagging customers based on the products they are purchasing via DAP?




Mark, you could add a custom action when a user subscribes to the customer list to Add tags for "customer" of whatever you want.

Its good to see others sharing their success with integration with amember.

I'm setting up  a membership site with Optimize Press and OPtimize member plugin. Hopefully there's a way to automatically add customers to the buyers list. If not, I'll contact Michael.


And who is this Michael guy? Seems that he does a lot of customization of arpReach for people here?

OptimizePress has an AutoResponse Plus integration.


Debra, I would be interested in trying that out with DAP. I have DAP and would like to integrate them both. 

Hi Mark

Sorry for the delay... not been around... my amember > arp workflow

Very basic

Set up AR in arp for each product.. they follow pretty much a set path
Set up to unsub from previous when they subscribe to the next one.

create product
assign AR from ARP

That's it... I don't use tags etc


This is how you get it to work with DAP: (Remember to back-up your files first)

Here it is on my Blog: Spark Blogger

It is working great for me. Both free and paid memberships.



Yep. We are using arpReach with aMember 4 too. The built in plugin is very handy and easy to use.


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