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Editing the language file

Weekdays and months can be translated using the file common_lang.php in the  application/language directory. I've gotten to the directory, I presume that just replacing the English text into (in my case) Dutch will do. But how do I edit the file?

Daag John, dat is niet mujleuk!

Just copy the english folder and past it in the same location and the  rename it in dutch!
then open it, open every file inside with a software that can open and write PHP files.
Every file inside has a long series of strings with the character equal in the middle.
Translate into Dutch every word that you find at the right side of the equal, in a way that Dutch must replace every english word after the equal character.
Never forget to put the quote chracter  (not double quote but single) at the beginning after the equal, and at the and, and avoid to write words or phrases that contain that character: you will have arpReach not working, but just after the mistake, you software to write PHP file (the most common is DreamWeaver) will advice you about the mistake just changing the color of all the strings from that mistake or just few chracters before.
Then upload the folder that contains the english and the dutch folders,and after choose dutch in the language set.
Or quicker give another name to the english folder and rename the dutch folder in english and upload it in the same place you found it in the arpreach root.
Hope all of this will help you

Tot ziens


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I just find out, that using german special characters, as discribed in this post, dos not work for me.



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Hi Gerd,

I just figured out, that using utf-8 dos the trick.



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