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Action on subscribe by email

Someone subscribes by email. I want to http post them into my exclusive, preferential, super-value-adding membership club. ...? Currently it seems I'll have to achieve this by waiting for them to open or click a link in my welcome email. Not as slick or seamless as I'd like. A good opportunity for conscientious double opt-in but there are instances in my setup where double opt-in would be redundant. Any plans to introduce such an action? Many thx!

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You could create a NEW form for your autoresponder, and only accept email subscriptions for that, then create an action for that form to add them to your membership list. Not sure if that's what you were talking about...


Thx Steve.  Actually your response provided some good inspiration and I have now done as you suggest but for another reason - to minimise the possibility of a loop in an integration I'm working on (& am still testing).

The issue is that we can set arpR to http post our subscriber data to another software (an "action") upon a certain "event" trigger taking place, such as someone submitting an arpR subscription form. 

The event triggers upon which we can initiate an "action" are limited to link click / broadcast open / reg form submit / remote call / follow-up msg open / single email open.  There is no option to initiate an "action" after someone registers by email.  This is what I wanted to achieve, so people could send an email (in this case from within our iphone app) and they automatically get added simultaneously to both the autoresponder series and the membership software. 

I'm still working it out with Michel who installed for me.  If others are interested in this I'll report back with developments. 

Great to be able to exchange ideas in here!

That doesn't sound too complicated.

You said, "There is no option to initiate an "action" after someone registers by email."

Good news, there is! I just had a programmer create an integration using the remote call function for a survey app and it works like a charm. He used a cURL function to grab the contact info (after they submit the form) and insert it into the remote access url and trigger actions. cURL could also be used in your situation, to grab the contact info from the email form submission, and add them into the membership software.

Michael is awesome, I'm sure he'll be able to figure it out. He helped me a lot. Ask him about using a cURL function to post the contact data from the form submission.

Thx, Steve for the idea!  I will raise this with Michel.

BTW, would you be willing to share your approach to the survey issues? - I could really make use of such a tool myself and have been unsuccessful in finding a survey tool I consider suitable so far. 

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