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Audience Segmentation for Autoresponder Emails

In addition to being able to send Broadcasts to Segments of my subscriber list, it would be very valuable to be able to send autoresponder messages to segments as well.

For example, I want to send an autoresponder sequence on "How to quit smoking" to people who have selected the value "Yes" in the "Do you smoke?" field during registration.

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Georgi - can u not achieve this by tags? If not, it would definitely be v valuable.
Wonderful features like Tags and Segments have one fundamental flaw - they can be used to filter recipient lists for Broadcasts only and NOT for Autoresponders.

Since 95% of my emails are from Autoresponders, these features might as well not exist.

Without the ability to target specific segments of my audience I am not able to market to them effectively.

Here is an example: 

16% of my email subscribers are smokers.
I want to send them a series of autoresponder messages about "How to quit smoking."
Since I have no ability to target this subgroup, I have to send the emails to everybody on my list.

If you are a non-smoker, how would you feel if you got a bunch of emails on how to stop smoking?

Would you:

a) feel offended
b) start ignoring my emails
c) unsubscribe, or
d) all of the above?

If I did that I would alienate 84% of my audience.

If I don't do it, I would be missing out on a lucrative opportunity.

Bottom line: The lack of list filtering for autoresponders is the single biggest roadblock for me to fully embrace the arpReach system and I am forced to look for alternatives.

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Wow!  I had not fully appreciated that before.  I suppose you need a way of feeding people into certain autoresponder sequences. 

There are actions available, of course, triggered upon certain events such as a link being clicked, email being opened, remote call, and so on.  I don't know if you could work with any of these?

I am exploring options for a kind of built-in (or in some way integrated) survey tool for exactly this purpose myself, whereby contact is registered to a certain list by http post depending on how they respond to my survey questions.  

In my case, Michel suggested creating custom fields in my reg form, which I have done, but have not yet figured out how to make best use of this. I am requesting only minimal info to get them opted in at the beginning. 

Well this certainly is something we need. 

I will be following this thread! 

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That is what I need! 

It would be perfekt to select which contact do get an autoresonder or (better) a message of an autoresponder. 

My problem: I am promoting my products a, b, c via autoresponder-serie:

> promotion 1 product a > promotion 1 product b > promotion 1 product c 

> promotion 2 product a > promotion 2 product b > promotion 2 product c ...

So, if a customers buys product a, he should not get any more promotion emails of product a. 

With segments I can add the rule to all autoresponder-promo-messeages a "do send, if not in segement buyer product a" 

This would be a HUGE improvement to Arpreach. The only current solution to sending a different set of autoresponder messages dependent on segment is to create a separate autoresponder with it's own set of messages. If you are gathering subscribers through a range of different products/interests and you want to send them relevant follow up messages this results in a large and confusing number of autoresponders.

Surely if it's possible to filter broadcasts by tags or segments it can't be too difficult to filter autoresponder messages in the same way?

PLEASE seriously consider this ArpReach 

Thank you

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Right now we have: autoresponders, single emails, broadcasts. And all of them do specific things.

Perhaps a new category with it's own menu would make sense. 

For example Sequences.

A sequence could be a series of messages, where you can set the recipients as in broadcasts and/or that can be triggerd by Events and Actions.

So there would be:

1. autoresponders = the front-end delivery of messages, gets executed when someone signs up

2. sequences = the backend delivery of a series of messages that gets executed after an event (by an action or if someone gets a tag, segment...)

3. single emails = sent after an event by an action


4. broadcasts = manually sent messages

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