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Amazon SES complaint handling

If a recipient does not unsubscribe and files a complaint instead,

Amazon SES sends a notification.

As an intermediate measure it should be treated as hard bounce.

As a new feature idea:

Perhaps an option would nice to be able to add theses guys to the suppression list.

In order to meet Amazon's standards it's important to unsubscribe these recipients.

Otherwise Amazon may terminate your SES account.

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The reason I purchased arpReach was absolutely down to the fact that they have a long history in the autoresponder software business. Therefore I expected a solid software that would be updated. 

As far as I can tell, support seams lacklustre and updates non-existent. 

I passed on a $37 wordpress plugin because I expected that from it, I didn't expect it from a $400 software. 


I share your disappointment.

Many announcements of important features.
But no updates since a year or so.

Arpreach is still a pretty good software.
But their marketing sets expectations they don't meet.
That's why I have stopped promoting it as an affiliate.
4 months later and disappointment is no longer the right word.


I am looking right now at our yearly restructuring of our autoresponders, and I'm just not sure where to go with this when the core of our solution, arpReach, seems to be unsupported/un-updated on any kind of reasonable schedule. 

In so many ways it is a really useful and cost-effective solution for companies with tech/email expertise inhouse. Compared to some other solutions, it really rocks. AND, the gaps left from the rewrite in terms of contact management, actions, tracking, and tagging are really stark for those of us implementing, say, The Machine from Digital Marketer.

Would dearly love a "come clean" from the developers at this point.


Me too. (And don't forget the attachments bug, which I discovered the hard way a couple of weeks ago.) I think I'm on a much smaller scale than you are, a one-person business considering whether to move everything to Arpreach and cancel my Aweber subscription. That's seeming like less and less of a good idea.

1) I love having control over my own data and mailing... even with the hassles.

2) Single opt-in has meant a much faster and active list over time than forced double opt-in.

3) And...

I've been a technologist for 30 years. Companies that cannot deliver regular updates either have a process problem or a resource problem (people, or the RIGHT people). It may be that arpReach has both. I am very very nervous about whether the software will be maintained and upgraded in 2015 and beyond. I've definitely gotten my value from it (we've mailed millions of emails), but I'm concerned about building the "next layer of automation" for our business in this solution.

As of February 1st 2015, arpReach has new owners (see
This request is on list of things to check on how it can be best implemented during our code review.


I hired Michael at iCoder to configure my installation this time around (this is the third or fourth time I've used his services happily) and he configured the bounce and complaint handling for AmazonSES for me. Very happy that I was at LEAST able to pay to have it done successfully although it really belongs as a core feature.  I'm just replying here to let you know that there at least IS an work around now.

As part of our review process, before we make any changes, we are asking users of arpReach to share with us the things they would like to see improved in future releases. If you have not already taken part in our survey and this is still high on your list of priorities, please do take part. The results we find through the questionnaire will help shape the future development.

You can find the questionnaire here:


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