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Amazon SES complaint handling

If a recipient does not unsubscribe and files a complaint instead,

Amazon SES sends a notification.

As an intermediate measure it should be treated as hard bounce.

As a new feature idea:

Perhaps an option would nice to be able to add theses guys to the suppression list.

In order to meet Amazon's standards it's important to unsubscribe these recipients.

Otherwise Amazon may terminate your SES account.

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As part of our review process, before we make any changes, we are asking users of arpReach to share with us the things they would like to see improved in future releases. If you have not already taken part in our survey and this is still high on your list of priorities, please do take part. The results we find through the questionnaire will help shape the future development.

You can find the questionnaire here:


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We already have plans to add this and release during May.

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We already have plans to add this and release during May.



When can I finally stop sorting these complaints manually?
This is really annoying work.
And May is almost over :-)




I share your disappointment.

Many announcements of important features.
But no updates since a year or so.

Arpreach is still a pretty good software.
But their marketing sets expectations they don't meet.
That's why I have stopped promoting it as an affiliate.
Yes... it would be nice to know if Arpreach is still under development at all before moving more lists there from Aweber. Major things like this, and proper link tracking (like in Aweber); minor things like a menu of personalisation tags to insert in the message editor, which I expect would take you about 30 minutes to add.

Anything planned at all?


The reason I purchased arpReach was absolutely down to the fact that they have a long history in the autoresponder software business. Therefore I expected a solid software that would be updated. 

As far as I can tell, support seams lacklustre and updates non-existent. 

I passed on a $37 wordpress plugin because I expected that from it, I didn't expect it from a $400 software. 

As a test, I've been using Amazon SES and also my own IP address with Sendmail.

I have to say that Amazon SES is just OK. The deliverability on my own IP address is actually much better.

When you look at the sender score, it's clear why:
Amazon SES (sampled IP address): 88 - 92
My IP address: 99

I looked at the Amazon SES sender scores over a couple of days and noticed the range was good... but my IP address has remained steady at 99 for quite some time now.

Bottom line is... if you manage your IP and reputation (including of course FBLs), you can do much better with your own IP and sendmail than you can by "tossing your lot" in with Amazon SES.


I hired Michael at iCoder to configure my installation this time around (this is the third or fourth time I've used his services happily) and he configured the bounce and complaint handling for AmazonSES for me. Very happy that I was at LEAST able to pay to have it done successfully although it really belongs as a core feature.  I'm just replying here to let you know that there at least IS an work around now.


A few things about this...  Is this implemented and working, Hilary Barret says:

Under Email systems > Amazon SES > edit > options > advanced you can enter 'send failure strings' to trigger a removal from all lists and/or adding to suppression list. The question is what to put in the 'send failure strings' box. Does anyone know?


What do we put in here - Tim Bratton what did you put in here when using Amazon SES?

Also, Tim Bratton says:

When you look at the sender score, it's clear why:
Amazon SES (sampled IP address): 88 - 92
My IP address: 99


That's exciting news Tim, I've been running  my own mail server for years and my sender score is also quite high, I spent quite a lot last month on Amazon SES, so it seems maybe I can see if plain old Sendmail would do better deliverability - but can you tell me, do you really get better deliverability and speed with Sendmail vs. SMTP?  I've always been told that SMTP should be used for assuring proper delivery, etc?


Also Tim Bratton - I noticed before you mention handling your own FBLs manually, are you still doing that manually?  I don't see it's possible for me, and quite a time-consuming task.  Or, do you have some automated FBL PHP code that you are using that works for you - for all the providers?  Without an API, I assume you would just make calls to the arpReach command line to remove the subscriber?

Tim do you have FBL code for: GMail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, LiveMail and any of the others I may have forgotten?

Thank you,


In december arpreach support wrote:

an FBL feature is not yet available and we cannot guarantee if it will be available on the next minor update

Strange as 6 months ago Neil promised that "for next week".

However - should someone know how to set up a fbl with SES, please share your knowledge.

Thank you very much.

David Alexander,

Just a quick reminder:

18 Months ago you wrote:

"We already have plans to add this and release during May."

I even provided you with the samples you requested.

A couple of other features were announced as "coming soon".

For October 2013 you guys announced:
arpReach 1.3.001 with API is coming soon

as well as Multi-Threaded Sending.

Why don't you publish these updates?
There wasn't anything since more than a year.

Why have you stopped working on the promised ARPREACH stuff?

@Steve - I just saw your question. Peer1 is awesome! I highly recommend them.


Another May has passed and there is not even an answer.
Or am I missing something and it is fixed already?



Interesting... maybe I won't use ses then.

Tim, I see your site uses a dedicated server at Peer 1. How has your experience with them been running arpreach?


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