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webhooks, call back urls and advanced trigger sequences for web automation.

I am a current user of arpreach. 

Honestly the reason I am writing this is because I am two cheap to buy infusionsofts CRM and marketing automation engine. Currently infusionsoft charges $2,000 to start and $200 per month minimum and that is for 2 users. So feel good yall for not paying that. However in my business, it doesn't take much improvement to make that type of money so I am still waying the benefit as I am quickly building a salesforce of sales people and am needing to move way beyond . 

1) I am looking for webhook functionality so that i can set something up like "Every time a click is made I can make post to callback url data on the person that clicked and the url clicked to.  I.e. so i can track this activity directly in my CRM (open souce x2crm which is a recent upstart opensource crm by one of the originators of sugurcrm) of choice.

2) I see we have some basic trigger functionality that has been added which is great. However trigger functionality in infusionsoft seems to be integrated into the sequence of the autoresponder itself. The autoresponder sequences aren't simple linear sequences but infact very logical flowcharts with a lot of paths that can be followed.  Lentch between responders can be changed conditionally. And there are negative triggers. As in if a specific email is not opened in X hours or x Days then send email to lead owner or sms lead owner or send a specific reminder email and do that 3 times in 3 days and then on the 4th day email the lead owner to call etc.

3) Also there are many more actions. A call back url can be called any time in the sequence. It would be nice if this could happen as then it would instantly allow anyone to add postcards to a sequence through It could allow anyone to trigger a twilio message etc with out building a plugin or modifyin archecture. 

4) Lead scoring is huge - for infusionsoft you can weight various types of actions by specific link clicks, classes of link clicks, how long ago those things happened etc in order to come up with a score. The crm i am using has some of this automation so if there is a webhook i log all the actions and then use it to calculate a score so I can automatically trigger call outs etc for the sales force

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I concur emphatically


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