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Add more reports

At the monet the only reports are for new contacts.

Be nice to have reports on confirmation, unsubscribes, bounces, open rate and be able to filter auto-responders and broadcast.

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Click rate would be good to.

Most of these reports already exist. For example, for autoresponders, follow-up messages, broadcasts as well as tracked links there is a "Report" option on the "Actions" dropdown menu,

The "Reports" option in the "Contact" menu is for new contacts but is just one of the reporting areas in arpReach.

I second that. unique clicks on all links and unique click to unique open rate ration would be phenomenal.


On the reports for new contacts, it would be interesting to be able to see a broader interval. 14 days is the maximum at this point. It would be cool to see monthly and yearly new subscriber's reports.


I'd like to see which lists are getting the sign ups. 

For instance in the dashboard, I'd like to be able to click on "New contacts today", "New contacts this week", "New contacts this month", "New contacts this year" and see details about what lists are getting the sign ups.

We have over 100 lists so this would be very helpful.

also, time people clicked on links.


Yes I want this feature too: other reports on My Dashboard, such as: broadcast report, message report, click report, etc :)

It will be great if it has complete stats for broadcast: open stats, click stats, bounce stats, unsubscribe stats.

yes, and I add the need to filter from "date" to "date" (custom, not predefined)

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