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Allow adding/removing columns in contacts

In contact it would be nice to be able add addition/remove columns like confirmation, category, tags, autoresponders by name not by count) and remove thing like company.

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I would especially like to be able to see the confirmation status and the ability to filter / export on it.


Totally Agree!
Agreed, specially because 'company' is a useless info for most arpreach users, but it should be optional in case someone needs it. I would love to be able to separate first name and last name on this view because I like to edit the information typed by the contact to correct things like incorrect accented letters (foreign languages) and name and last name on the first name field. The way it is now, I am unable to tell if the name I see is being pulled from first and last name or if the subcriber actually typed both together, in which case, I need to edit so it looks bettter on the emails calling the subscriber by first name only.


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Indeed as well as country

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