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split run



I'd like to know if it's possible to send broadcast messages as split runs ?

I'd like to test one subject versus the other but I don't know how to do, I didn't find the split run function.

Could you help me please ?



Hello V,

In arpReach, we call these variants.

Every broadcast can have any number of variants so that you can test out different aspects of a broadcast to compare their success. When a variant is first added to a broadcast, it is an exact copy of the original broadcast. It can then be tweaked to test items such as:

• Subject
• Format
• Content
• Layout
• Attachments

Choose Add a variant to this broadcast from the I Want To... menu to add a new variant to the broadcast. Then edit it by choosing the Edit option from the actions column of the variant list.

You can change the percentage of contacts to be sent each message using the slider in the Frequency column.

You can send yourself a test of a broadcast (or a variant) to check its content and layout prior to setting its final scheduling. Choose Test from the actions column of the broadcast queue (or variant list).

You can find more information from the manual/documentation on pages 80 to 81.

Thank you Alison
I had a look at what you said, and I have another question :


I'd like to first test 2 subjects, let's say on 5% of my list.

So I would like to send the subject 1 to 5% of my list, and the subject 2 to another 5%.


And then, depending on the results (number of subscribers I get), I would send either subject 1 or subject 2 to the 90% of the list.


You see what I mean ?


It seems like with the variants, I would send the messages to everyone at the same time ?


Any idea of how I can do my test ?

Hi V,

When you create a broadcast, you have the option who to send it to, like a segment of contacts: contacts who have clicked on a link, contacts who are subscribed to autresponder 2, or contacts from a particular demographic, etc. From this segment of contacts, you can choose the percentage of contacts to be sent each message using the slider in the Frequency column.

Your segmented contacts will be split. If you choose to send the original message to 75% of your segmented contacts, 25% will receive the variant. The system decides at random during the sending process which message will be sent to each contact.

I hope I was able to answer your question.

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