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Streamline User Interface

As I come from Autoresponseplus, I still have mixed feelings
about the Arpreach user interface.

Arpreach looks very nice, but the speed to accomplish
most of the basic task is superior in Autoresponseplus.

One thing that could be improved easily, is to move
the “I want to” button to the left of the screen.

I find myself constantly moving the mousepointer from
the very left of the screen to the very right.

Another issue is the Choose action button.

If the button is close to the bottom of the screen,
the respective next step is hidden outside the screen area.
So we need to scroll down first before “Delete” can be clicked.

If the button is too low to expose all of it’s menu content by
“dropping down”, let it just “drop up” like in windows for example.

Another idea to speed up work: keyboard shortcuts like in Gmail.

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We spent quite some time working out where to place the "I want to..." button because the top of the screen is quite a busy area and space is at a premium. For example, on list screens, the left side is taken up by the "with selected" functionality. On "create" and "edit" screens, the "Save" button and "Cancel" link are there. It would be easy to add it underneath on the left hand side but that reduces the screen space available to show data and it also creates a void at the right hand side which is a waste of space when the amount of data shown has been reduced to create it. We will, of course, take note of your comment.

With regard to the "action" dropdown when you are at the bottom of the screen, we recently added a fixed large margin at the bottom of the page so that scrolling would never be necessary when the last dropdown was opened. We are wondering if you do not have that version installed (it was added before 1.2.001 which is the latest update) or if you have found the bottom margin to be not big enough?

The "I want to" button could be swapped with the headline. It's above "with selected" anyway.

Regarding "choose action":

I have the latest version installed.
The submenue can be reached, but my recommendation with a "drop up"
would eliminate the requirement to scroll down to the bottom.

I'd really appreciate efforts to speed up the handling of Arpreach.
But the new interface needs more clicks and mouse-meters.

I like the suggestion of keyboard shortcuts - especially if they could provide shortcuts not available from the screen. For instance, when editing an autoresponder message, 'save and load next message to edit' or 'save and add new message'.

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