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Dropdown menu of dynamic content on message editor

Currently if I want to add dynamic content (eg {FIRST_NAME}) to a message I'm editing, I need to locate the pdf manual on my hard drive and find the relevant code in its appendix. 

Not ideal.

I'd like instead to have a dropdown menu next to the editor which will display all dynamic content available (including custom fields I've created with this autoresponder) and insert what I select into the editor at the cursor.

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{FIRST_NAME [default value]}

You left out the _

Change [default value] to Friend, or whatever you want to show up there if you don't have their name.

Here's a link to all of the custom tags:

You can also find these in the user guide that you can download in the arpReach Hub.

I'm not sure about the unsubscribe link in broadcasts. All I see is the manage subscription link when setting up a broadcast.

Where do we find that pop up? 

At least a link to a popup window with a list of the dynamic content like in Autoresponse Plus would be nice.





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