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Dropdown menu of dynamic content on message editor

Currently if I want to add dynamic content (eg {FIRST_NAME}) to a message I'm editing, I need to locate the pdf manual on my hard drive and find the relevant code in its appendix. 

Not ideal.

I'd like instead to have a dropdown menu next to the editor which will display all dynamic content available (including custom fields I've created with this autoresponder) and insert what I select into the editor at the cursor.

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Where do we find that pop up? 

We have implemented a pop up containing all of the usable dynamic content tags in version 1.5.


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I find it easier to use this page to look them up instead of the pdf.

I get to that page by googling arpreach dynamic tags

I haven't used Interspire, but that doesn't seem to slow me down much.

Any update regarding this highly requested feature?

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Please have the dropdown at the editor. It's massively useful for us. Include the trackable links as a dropdown too.


I take it this did not make the "May Update".  I remember in ARP3 you could access via a link to a popup window.  How hard would this be to implement?



{FIRST_NAME [default value]}

You left out the _

Change [default value] to Friend, or whatever you want to show up there if you don't have their name.

Here's a link to all of the custom tags:

You can also find these in the user guide that you can download in the arpReach Hub.

I'm not sure about the unsubscribe link in broadcasts. All I see is the manage subscription link when setting up a broadcast.

1) what tag works for first name here i tried

{FIRSTNAME default} but it is not working kindly let me know what tag to use when sedning broadcast

2) How do i have the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email i dont see that option during broadcast. It was easy in ARP3


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I like this feature. I would also like to see the ability to view the Values of Custom Fields when creating Segments so I don't have to remember what the values were and can simply view them.

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At least a link to a popup window with a list of the dynamic content like in Autoresponse Plus would be nice.





We're gonna try to add this in May's update.



Agreed, easy access to the tags we can use would be great.


I agree with Hilary and Jason


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this would be a massive time saver


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Thanks Hilary.

We have discovered the interface is a little different for us as logged in support technicians.

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